AHMP President’s Message

Dear AHMP Members and Friends,

Well, this will be the last AHMP president’s message unless we have another change to the bylaws. If you don’t understand what that means, I ask you to consider becoming more active in AHMP.

This past summer, the membership voted to approve amendments to the bylaws that move AHMP to a parliamentary structure effective January 1, 2019. On that date, we will no longer have a president and vice president but rather, a chair and vice chair. So, if you missed that, you are missing a lot of other good things the executive committee, the board of directors, our association management company, our committees, and our members at large are doing.In November 2015, I was asked to be the interim executive director when the previous executive director announced his resignation. At that time, AHMP was spiraling downward on a path towards extinction. My first meeting with the board back then was very inspiring. Rather than a “woe is me” attitude, the mindset was “this is an opportunity.” It was an opportunity to do so many things, and that is what the board spearheaded.

In 2016, I was convinced to run for president-elect/VP and was elected. I was immediately included in board meetings and felt like the transition from my interim position to the new one was seamless, with no break in between. I just continued on.

In mid-2017, due to outside constraints, I was asked as VP to heavily assist our president in managing AHMP. This allowed me to hit the ground running after I was elected president in 2018.

At my first board meeting as president, my message was simple. We were going to focus on tactics and really get things done. We were not just going to talk about a vision and strategy; we were going to increase communication with our membership and be transparent. As my year as president winds down, I hope you feel as I do that we made great strides in these areas. The board, committees, and members all exceeded my expectations.

On December 12, 2018, we had our second online “town hall” this year. In that forum, I was able to reflect in detail on this year’s accomplishments. If you were unable to participate, I encourage you to go to our website and either look at the slide deck or watch the recording. I think you will be very proud of AHMP.

In December 2015, the board had the “can do” attitude of converting our challenges into an opportunity. Because of that attitude, I am very proud to say that we not only averted our demise as an organization, but we are now ready to grow to our full potential.

I have been blessed with a very hectic and rewarding year, not because of what was accomplished, but because of you. I am honored to have interacted with all of you. Special thanks to our executive committee and board members for the privilege of serving with them.

Executive Committee
Eric Johnson, Vice President; Mark Bruce, Treasurer; Mark Smith, Secretary; Mike Maheux, Past President; and Chip Deale, Executive Director

B.J. Atkins, Carl Heinlein, Linda Lawhorn, Chris Leney, Danny Province, Amber Steed, Michael Chuah (advisory), and Brian Prince (advisory)

All the best for 2019!

Your “Last” AHMP President,
Bruce A. Donato, CHMM, CSP, CECD

P.S. It was a minor thing, but it was very important to me to always sign this column as “your” president rather than “the” president, as I firmly believe it is the responsibility of that office to serve its members. Thank you for having trust in me.