Scholarship Application Form

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AHMP – Georgia Chapter

John Scarano Memorial Scholarship Application

If you meet the qualifications, complete this online application and attach as PDF files your transcript, letters of reference (can be uploaded separately), and the essay by November 9, 2018.

To complete the application partially and return to add information or upload files later, note that the Applicant’s name and email address should be filled in each time information is added. Alternatively, transcripts and letters of reference can be mailed to:

Keith Cole, PE, CHMM
447 Woodruff Crossing
Woodstock, GA 30189

Please contact Keith Cole ( with any questions.

List two academic references, and provide letters of reference:
Upload letters of reference, either as separate PDF files or a single file combining the two letters:

Please provide the following information in the form of an essay. Limit your response to two pages. Scholarship recipients will be selected based upon their essay responses and adherence to the qualifications above.
- Why do you want to pursue a career in environmental, health and safety?
- What specific environmental areas interest you, and why?
- Describe any related experience you have, e.g. volunteer work, full-time and part-time jobs, military service, specific projects, etc.

Please note that uploaded files should be in portable document format (PDF; for transcripts, PNG or JPG image files also are accepted; TXT files also are accepted for letters of recommendation and essays) and individual files should not exceed 2.0 Mb in file size.

Your privacy is important to us! Information submitted for this application process will be used only for its intended purpose. Upon scholarship award and verification, your data will be completely removed from our records.